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  Murphy's Laws

"I've never stabbed an adversary in the back.  When I go after them, it's always from the front."

"Jurors usually like me because they see how hard I fight for my clients."

"There are a thousand versions of a lie but only one version of the truth."

"Let's face it, I'm very aggressive by nature; I guess my courtroom style just comes naturally as a result of it."

About the race trials......"no one bothered to say that I'd always had a very large African American clientele, a lot of whom offered me moral and physical support during these trials.  They knew that what I do is my job ---keep clients out of the goddamned can."

 "You form a special bond with someone in a serious trial who ends up with an acquittal; a bond that will always exist between you." 

"I come from the street.  My practice is in Brooklyn where loyalty counts. My job is to keep my clients from being convicted, not to make friends at their expense.

"Clients don't come to me to cop pleas.  They usually want to go to trial.  To stay out of jail."

"Aggressiveness is the essence of cross-examination.  That was always Murphy's Law."


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